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Brooklyn, NY, 11222

+1 (917) 434-5191

log(me) is a high fashion wearable device that performs discrete, real-time, sentiment analysis on the wearer's speech—providing private, in-app, emotional portraits based on function word usage


Our Technology

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." —Arthur C. Clarke 

Our listening device is an incredibly small Bluetooth/microphone combo that discretely fits into a minimalist piece of jewelery. This is used to ping audio data to a natively-developed iPhone app (iOS 7+) where the OpenEars framework is used to transcribe speech. To ensure high accuracy, words must achieve a high recognition score to be archived. From there, the words are sorted and their ratios are used as emotional indicators. To save space, no word or audio data is permenantly archived, only the word type ratios remain, allowing the app to slow build higher accuracy for its in-app emotional print out.

Our neckalce housing units for the listening devices are made from either laser cut zebra wood or acrylic, or 3D printed brass. Our chains are purchased from small businesses in the NYC fashion district, and all assembly is done by hand, with love.