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Brooklyn, NY, 11222

+1 (917) 434-5191

log(me) is a high fashion wearable device that performs discrete, real-time, sentiment analysis on the wearer's speech—providing private, in-app, emotional portraits based on function word usage



log(me) is an iPhone app—that with the aid of a smart necklace—provides private, in-app, emotional portraits based on function word usage.


A product born from the feeling that quantified self gadgets should aspire to initiate deep personal reflection and not simply binary behavior change.

By borrowing the metaphor and objective of a diary, we developed a device that could comb through a users words—by passively listening to their speech—and generate fully automated scores of their honesty, confidence and emotional balances.


To generate the emotional analysis, we developed our own algorithms based the extensive linguistic research of James Pennebaker; a social psychologist who discovered emotional consistencies in function word type ratios (examples of function word categories include: articles, pronouns, etc.).

All output data appears in-app and the listening device lives inside of a high-fashion necklace constructed from either 3D-printed brass, laser-cut zebra wood, or modular multi-color acrylic.